Sex Toy Safety Tips from Dr. Kat: How to Avoid Toxic Sex Toys?


Hi, I’m Dr. Kat Van Kirk guest contributor here at and it’s time for my segment Ask Dr. Kat.

And the question today is about sex toy safety: How to Avoid Toxic Sex Toys…

Some sex toys are manufactured typically very cheaply outside of the United States, which you know, those that offer a novelty item. I mean, granted it’s not so great for Earth to be manufacturing those; but, if you know you’re gonna be using a sex toy on a regular basis, you would want a high quality and safest one.

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Below are some sex toy safety tips on how to avoid toxic sex toys…

Tip 1 Buying Non-Toxic Sex Toys. I would suggest you invest on sex toys that are non-toxic and body friendly.

Tip 2 Make a safety sex toy list. Come up with a little toy safety checklist. List down all the safety things you need on a sex toy that will serve as a guide the moment you opt to buy one.

Tip 3 Skin/Body Test. You may want to touch them and make sure they feel good to the touch. Make sure they are not too sticky rubbery, they don’t give off toxic odor smell. You may rub it on the inside of your wrist a little bit to make sure you don’t get any irritation or weird rashes. Other people just simply cover them with latex condom just to avoid unwanted reactions.


Tip 4 Check how the toys are made. Always look at the materials of what they’re made of, online or on the boxes. You might want to check a little bit ahead of time, before you insert them or do anything.

Tip 5 Buy on trusted sex toy stores. It’s easy to find body friendly, eco-friendly sex toys these days and typically some online stores like Adam & Eve have sections for that. You can find plenty of eco-friendly toys and you want to look for ones that are made of acrylic, higher grade silicone, or harder plastic which doesn’t emit all that toxicity.

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