Phthalate Free Sex Toys: How to Know If Your Sex Toys Have Phthalates?


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So we’ve got a new question today from one of our fans out there. And the question is – How do you know know if your sex toys have phthalates?

Phthalates is a component found on some latex toys, most especially those that are cheaply made. Phthalate is not body friendly, it’s in fact toxic.

Check out below on how to know if your sex toys have phthalates in it and learn how to get a phthalate free sex toy!

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Tip 1 Get a Safety Checklist. It’s always good to learn to become a good sex toy consumer and it’s best to have a sex toy safety checklist. If you’ve got the opportunity to look at the material that sex toy is made of, please do so.

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Tip 2 Read the Toy Description. You can get lots of information at the box, you can read the descriptions online, and make sure you’re paying attention to that.

Tip 3  Take Note of What the Toy Is Made Of. Typically, if something silicone, acrylic, metal, or a hard plastic, these material mostly does not have phthalates.

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Tip 4 Smell and Feel. Let’s say you went home and you wasn’t able to read the toy’s description or your partner suddenly introduced a sex toy in bed; You’ll know if the toy has phthalate if you get to feel that sticky, rubbery sensation and the smell seems like worse than plastic that doesn’t go away that easy. There’s nothing wrong using it at one time, just make sure you wash it and you wash your private parts rigidly as well.

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