How to Rave Up Postpartum Sex Drive by Dr. Kat Van Kirk


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Our question for today comes from a fan and it has to do with…How to rave up postpartum sex drive?

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If you have had a baby or your partner has, and you are in that lovely emotional state following the birth like there’s a lot of hormones going on and there’s a lot of changes in your household. Or changes like your sleep or eating patterns, or even healing up from giving birth through caesarean or vaginally, there’s a lot issues that will come into play. Even family dynamics like if you’ve got other kids or relatives visiting and you’re maybe into maternity leave…sex is often the last thing you can think of.

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Below are some tips to rave up postpartum sex drive…

Tip 1 Postpartum sex – stress reliever and a way to reconnect with your partner. Let’s face it! After birth, majority of our focus goes to our kids and so we kind of forget about our partners. So, it’s really a good opportunity to reconnect there and have that touch with your partner so that biochemical that help connect with each other will really surge.

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Tip 2 Practice self-care. A lot of us go down to self-care after getting birth. Moms in particular really wanted to get it right the first time. The first thing to do to level up the sex drive is to give yourself a little “me” time. Practice self-care! This doesn’t mean merely masturbation, but doing the basic things like making sure you are taking showers, taking some exercises, feel good about yourself, etc. You kind of have to get used to your postpartum body and make sure to delegate other motherly responsibilities to other people coz’ it does take a village to raise a child. This will somehow help you raise your energy levels, feel good about your body, in order to get effectively connected with your partner.

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Tip 3 Make use of sex toys. Sex toys can somehow help us make our sex drive up and you can find the best ones at, and right now, when you enter offer code HOWTO50 at checkout, you’ll get 50% OFF on almost any single item plus Free Shipping, 3 Free Bonus DVDs, and a Mystery Gift.

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