How to Make Your Wife Want More Sex

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Men, are you wanting more sex? How do you get your wife to want more sex as well? Here are some easy ways to get your wife in the mood and get you more sex!

Make her want more sex with a entice vibrating panty

Adam & Eve Entice Vibrating Panty

Tip 1Vibrating Panties: These can make date night extra fun. Surprise her with these and take her out. She can wear them to the movies, restaurant, in the car, anywhere. You can let her control the vibrations or take the control from her and tease her until she begs you for more. These are super discreet and can be worn under any outfit. Vibrating panties can come with a wired remote or wireless remote. I prefer wireless for out on the town fun and wired one in the bedroom. Don’t forget to charge the batteries before you go out. For wired make sure to get batteries! Add these to bondage play for additional fun!

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Want her more sex with Shock Therapy Electro kits

Adam & Eve Shock Therapy Electro kits

Tip 2Shock Therapy Kits: These are great to wear out on date night as well. With multiple pads, you can place them wherever you please. You can experiment with different areas to find the perfect combination of pleasure spots for the most toe-curling orgasms. Maybe if your wife is feeling generous you both can share the pads and enjoy them together. These are great for foreplay and use during sex.

Make your wife want more sex with a Venus butterfly

Adam & Eve Venus Butterfly Vibrator

Tip 3Venus Butterfly: Venus butterfly comes in all different styles. There are ones designed for just outer vaginal and clitoral stimulation and there are those that are designed with an internal vaginal stimulation part.

They can be wired or wireless. These pack a powerful vibe into a very discreet toy. They can be worn under most any outfit. These are so much fun to use to get the mood going with a very pleasurable tease. Take control of the remote and decide whether to tease her or let her go all the way to climax.

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Make her want more sex with We Vive 4 Plus

Adam & Eve We Vive 4 Plus

Tip 4We-Vibe: These are the ultimate toy for discreet foreplay. You can have your wife wear this anywhere and you can control it from anywhere. Send her out shopping and send her a text to head to the dressing room, and then send her for a wild ride via control from your smartphone. Have her wear it before she leaves the house. Don’t tell her when you are going to turn it on. The anticipation will drive her wild. Tease her all day long and by the time she gets home she will be ready to jump you. I doubt you will get out of the doorway!

Tip 5Game On! : Play a dirty game like poker for lovers. The competition will bring out the tigress in her.

Fantasy Affairs Game is a good one to try something new. You may find out your wife’s secret fantasy. You can always make up your own cards and so can she! It is a fun way to try new things. You can always make a veto card just in case, but the veto cards are limited so use them wisely.

Wife want more sex

Do some role play sex to your partner

Tip 6Porn and Role Play: Never underestimate a good porn. Maybe get a parody of one of her favorite movies. This can lead to some fun role play sex. You can be her John Travolta taking her from innocent school girl to hot leather wearing woman! Has she been reading Fifty Shades? Bring her fantasy to life. Check out the Fifty Shades toy line!

Add-ons: Clit Sensitizer and Lube – Rub on some clit sensitizer with these products to give her even more pleasure! Don’t forget the lube to keep her wet and comfortable!

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More sex with Sliquid Organics Massage oil

Adam & Eve Sliquid Organics Massage oil

Tip 7The Classics: Flowers and candies are not just for birthdays and anniversaries (or forgotten birthdays and anniversaries.) Cook her favorite meal or pick it up from the restaurant. Set it up with low light and candles. (You can have fun with the wax later.) Clean the house and do the dishes. A clean house and done chore list can be the quickest way to clear your wife’s mind and make room for the idea of couple time. Turn off the phones and TV’s so that there are no distractions. Put on a mood setting song. Get some massage oils. Of course she has to take her clothes off so you don’t accidentally get oil on them (wink, wink.) Start with an innocent massage and let it naturally move to a dirty one.

Tip 8How To Kits & Videos: Look for how to kits and videos. Learn massage techniques. Learn how to stimulate the clit and g-spot. Let how to make her squirt! Learn the art of Kamasutra. The options are endless. Don’t stop until you become a sexpert!

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More sex with Adam Pheromone Infused Cologne

Adam Pheromone Infused Cologne

Tip 9Extras: Find a cologne or smell (candle, incent) that she loves. Only wear that cologne or have that smell going when you have sex. After a while when she smells that smell, her mind will automatically associate that smell with sex.

Make a sex schedule. I know, I know, it sounds boring but knowing that sex is coming can be invigorating. The anticipation will build and sex will be better. Plus since you know it’s coming there is no worry of rejection and your wife will have time to primp. Having stubble on your legs or armpits can cause us to be self-conscious and distracting. This also gives you time to shave your face or shape up your facial hair.

Take a shower. Don’t dry off all the way. Leave a few drops. It gives the allusion of that just worked out glow without the smell.

Show some skin and muscles. I love to see a little booty. You know what your woman likes. Is she a butt woman? Likes calves or ankles? Show off what floats her boat!

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