How to Introduce Anal Sex to Your Girlfriend


Wondering how to introduce anal sex to your girlfriend?

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Introducing anal sex is easy and can be done with the simple tips below:

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Discuss anal sex with your girlfriend before doing it for the first time.

Tip 1Talk about anal sex with your girlfriend. Know if she wants anal sex first before doing it with her. There’s nothing more pleasant than having anal sex with a partner that wants to do it as well.

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Vibrating Anal Power Beads

Tip 2Start with a smaller anal sex toy. I recommend the Vibrating Anal Power Beads coz’ its smaller and it vibrates as well. This amazing toy comes with a prep kit that includes finger condoms, anal desensitizing cream, moist anal lube, and a refresh toy cleaner.

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The Vibrating Anal Beads is awesome as it has a tapered tip making insertion way easier. You can gradually insert each bead at your own preferred pace. The dial controller enables you as well to adjust on your most preferred vibrating speed.

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The Vibrating Anal Power Beads comes with a desensitizing cream, moist anal lube and refresh toy cleaner.

The desensitizing cream and moist anal lube ensures smooth and easy insertion. The refresh toy cleaner also makes it easy for you to clean the toy when you’re done enjoying it.

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Experiment on various positions to make sure to have anal sex in the most comfortable position.

Tip 3Experiment on various anal sex positions. To introduce anal sex to your girlfriend, make sure she’s in the position that she’s most comfortable with. Take it slow so you will not hurt her.

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