How to Increase Clitoral Sensitivity by Dr. Kat Van Kirk


Hi I’m Dr. Kat Van Kirk, guest contributor here at and it’s time for Ask Dr. Kat!

Today’s question comes from a fan. They want to know how to increase clitoral sensitivity and I’m happy to share with you some tips below…

Tip 1 Pay attention to the labia. The clitoris is fascinating coz’ most people think it’s just a nub of tissue underneath the clitoral hood; but in actuality, the clitoris is a much bigger organ. The clitoris actually extends underneath both sides of the labia in kind of a wishbone shape. So, when you say increase clitoral sensitivity, it actually means you need to pay attention to the labia.

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Tip 2 Indirect clitoral stimulation. Sometimes direct clitoral stimulation is too much for some women and they prefer the indirect one. Some enjoys stimulation around the head of the clitoris, kind of the 2 o’clock position on the outside of the hood.

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Tip 3 Gels. There are products out there that are also great in increasing clitoral sensitivity. There is this Adam & Eve Strawberry Clit Sensitizer Gel, an intense clitoral stimulating gel for ultimate orgasms. There are also other products that you can actually put on ahead of time either by clitoral massage, giving you that tingling minty sensation that a lot of women find really pleasurable, bringing more circulation and blood into the genitals which increases arousal and sensitivity.

clitoral sensitivity

Adam & Eve Strawberry Clit Sensitizer Gel

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