How to Have Spontaneous Sex with Your Man

spontaneous sex, sex with your man

Looking for ways to have spontaneous sex with your man? Check out below and learn how!

Tip 1Meet your man at the door in sexy lingerie or nothing at all. Like this idea? Keep reading and I can tell you how to get a discount and bonus gifts…

spontaneous sex

101 Positions for Lovers

Tip 2Take index cards. Take index cards and write different positions you want to try (or you can buy cards that have the different positions on them) and leave them scatter around the house for him to find.

  • Places to leave cards: Couch, kitchen, shower, floor, washing machine, car (if you have each garage), computer chair
  • If you like using toys, you can set up toys along with the cards

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Tip 3Make a cake and have extra frosting. Spill some of the frostings on your chest and ask for help getting it off. (If he hands you a paper towel, make it obvious and tell him maybe instead he could lick it off.)

  • Serve the cake in nothing but an apron and bring the frosting with a dirty note on it.

Tip 4Meet him in the shower. When he is in the shower, jump in with him and offer to help him lather up. Use the soap and your hands to get a good lather going. After a tease, move to his special area and make sure it is extra clean. (Make sure to get all the soap off before you insert him anywhere)

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Tip 5Wake him up in the middle of the night. Make sure that he has had a few hours of sleep and wake him up in a naughty way. If he is cranky when he woke up, maybe wait and wake him up an hour early in the morning for a fun time.

Tip 6Doing it in public places. For those who like the risk of getting caught doing it in a public place, you can meet him at his work for a lunchtime quickie. (Wear a skirt with no underwear.) Also, you can take him into the bathroom for a quick one as well. Go to a bad movie on a weekday and if no one else is in the theater…

  • If you really want to risk it. Jump him in the elevator or pull him into a closet.

Tip 7Play keep up with the DVD – the dirty kind. This one takes some prep time because you want to watch the DVD beforehand so you know that you are up to doing everything. My favorite DVD is one that I got as a free gift. I will tell you how to get it free as well. I like to sit my partner down and pop in the DVD and just start doing what they are doing. It can be a fun way to try some new positions.

Tip 8Just ask him! You would be surprised. Just say, “Hey, I’m in the mood. Want to go in the other room?” Trust me you are not going to be told no. Men like sex.

sex with your man

Tip 9Send him messages. Send him text messages or emails telling him what you want him to do to you or what is waiting for him when he gets home. He will be so turned on; you guys probably won’t hardly get out of the doorway.

Spice up the message with a dirty picture of yourself or a video.

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Other things that can help:

  • Get a perfume or scent that you only wear during sex. His mind will start to associate that smell with sex. Soon you can just spritz some on and when he smells it, his unit will automatically give you the full solute.
  • Come up with a code word or signal that means sex NOW! When I want it NOW, I hold his hand and rub the palm of his hand with my middle finger. This is discrete enough to not draw attention but lets him know it’s on. (Hope partner’s boss  is not reading this.) Another code we have been “Call Seri.” We were messing around in the company car and the steering wheel has a Seri button and when the button was pressed it interrupted us and that she didn’t understand who we were trying to call. Anyway, I can ask my partner if he wants to “call Seri” and he will immediately rise to the occasion because he knows exactly what I mean. Code words can be very powerful.
  • Get a feel for his mood before you jump him. Make sure he hasn’t had an awful day at work (one that sex won’t cure). Put out a feeler call or text. “Hey, how’s your day?” Test the water before you jump in.

Things Not To Do:

  • Don’t surprise him with new things that you have never discussed. If you want to try something new and are not sure if he will like it, ask him first. You know your partner; so if you are unsure, talk to him. I’m not talking about new positions but more like bringing another person in or anal play (on him). Some guys are not ok with these things. So ask first or at least hint around to get a feel for his opinion on the subject.
  • Cook him a huge 5-course meal and then try to have sex with him. Chances are he is going to be in a food coma or too full to perform.
  • Worry about being rejected. As a woman, I know that my mind sometimes gets the best of me and I worry too much about ‘what if he says no’. You know your man.

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