How to Have Sex When You Have Colds [Video]


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Today, we’re gonna be talking about how to have sex when you have colds.

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Colds is a common problem in having sex. However, even with colds, you’re still in the mood to have sex but still feel crappy. Maybe you didn’t know that having sex while you’re sick can help you cure colds.

There are safe ways on having sex when you have colds.

Tip 1Doggie Style: This sex position is safer as you are not breathing on your partner’s face. This can be oftentimes hard coz’ our muscles would feel so sickly too. But orgasms are known to be a natural decongestant and the hormones that you release during orgasms are gonna make you feel better.

Tip 2Masturbate in Shower: You can try having sex or masturbating in the shower. You can heat up to put the steam on to help you breath better. Try those positions where you are facing away from your partner that way you will not cough from them, just a thing to prevent spreading those germs.

Tip 3Have some Tissues: Another thing that you can do is to make sure you have tissues or kleenex nearby so, in case you cough or sneeze, you can readily cover your mouth and nose.

Tip 4Use Vibrator: If you’re not comfortable having that orgasms with your partner when you have colds, you can always use your favorite vibrator to get that orgasms to make you feel better.

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