How to Have Role Play Sex

Role play sex - 50 shades masquerade masks twin pack

Want to spice things up? Try some role play. Add a wig, tights or glove, or a costume. Why not go for a head-to-toe look!

Here’s some role play sex to choose from.

role play sex - wigs

Famous Wigs from

Tip 1Wigs: Wigs are a great way to change things up a bit and get a new look. Maybe if you and your partner like it enough you can dye your hair later. Go long or short. Any color or style you want. Maybe your partner has been ogling that blonde hottie at the coffee shop. Surprise him and serve him a cup at home with your new wig. Get a “hello my name is…” name tag. Wear nothing but the name tag and an apron. Make sure not to spill the coffee when he bends you over the table.

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role play sex - gloves and stockings

Gloves and stockings can be a great addition to any role play sex.

Tip 2Gloves and Stockings: Gloves and stockings can be a great addition to any role play sex. They can really give you the completed look. Add knee-high stockings to your school girl outfit. Gloves can add a new touch sensation. Try rubber gloves and play naughty nurse or doctor. Try playing sick. Let him be your doctor and check your temperature with his big thermometer. Maybe it can even be a rectal thermometer.

Role play sex - 50 shades masquerade masks twin pack

50 Shades Masquerade Masks Twin Pack

Tip 3Masks: Both of you wear masks. Who is this masked stranger? How about a one night stand with his man you have never met. Try and seduce each other in bed.

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Tip 4Dominatrix: Does your man like to be dominated? Get the full look. Thigh-high tights, gloves, spanky skirt, and jazz it up with a pink or black wig. Don’t forget to get toys. Paddles, whips, crops, and anything else your partner so desires.

Tip 5Sexy School Girl: Be the teacher’s naughty pet. Bring him a shiny red apple and in return maybe he will spank you with his ruler. Maybe you can be the teacher and teach him all about sex ed.

Role play sex - french maid

French Maid from

Tip 6Maid: The house is so dirty. It needs a good cleaning. Grab a feather duster and give it a good dusting. Maybe your man needs a good cleaning. Toss him into the shower and give him good cleaning from head to toe.

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Tip 7Sex Slave: Surrender to his every command. Let him handcuff you or tie you up and have his way with you.

Role play sex - very private secretary

Very Private Secretary from

Tip 8Secretary: He is having a rough day at the office. Relax him with a massage or a blow job. A secretary must take care of her boss in every way.

Role play sex - naughty nurse

Naughty Nurse from

Tip 9Nurse: Oh no! Your partner is feeling under the weather. Looks like you will have to nurse him back to health. Maybe you’re the nurse and ask the doctor for a checkup. Are you sure you can use THAT to check my temperature? Maybe you need to do a sex study on how many orgasms a woman can have.

Tip 10Cowgirl: Ride your man cowgirl style and add the fantasy wear to make it even more fun. He won’t be able to wait for you to start to ride. The tassels will tease him with flashes of your naughty parts. Don’t forget to purchase a cowgirl hat or if your partner has one just borrow it. Cowgirl boots are a great addition to this outfit.

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Role play sex - all my desires 3 piece set

All My Desires 3 Piece Set from

Tip 11Shirt and Tie: For some men there is nothing sexier than a girl wearing nothing but a white long sleeve shirt and tie. See if your man has any old button up shirt and let him rip it off of you and the buttons will fly!

Tip 12Misses Clause: Santa I have been good girl all year and I am ready for my present! Maybe you are on the naughty list and are in for some punishment.

Tip 13Playboy Bunny: Grab a set of bunny ears and be his naughty little bunny. Do a naughty photo shot just for him. Surprise him with it or let him be the photographer. Maybe he will play Hef. Get him a pair of sexy pajama pants.

Tip 14Cheerleader: Grab some pom poms and let your man score a touchdown! Give me the D!

Role play sex - foul play referee

Foul Play Referee at

Tip 15Referee: I call a foul. You are wearing clothes! That is against the rules. Penalty 15 minutes of foreplay.

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Tip 16Mermaid: Lure him into the bed with your siren song.

Tip 17Diva: Make him wine and dine you before you give up the good stuff. Make him feed you grapes and chocolate covered strawberries before luring him on bed.

Role play sex - slumber babe cami and pant set

Slumber Babe Cami and Pant Set at

Tip 18Slumber Party: Oh no! You are just a sweet and innocent girl at a slumber party with all of your girlfriends having a pillow fight when you hear taps on the window. You look and there is a boy standing outside your window. He climbs up and into the window and seduces you.

Tip 19Cougar: Be on the prowl. Stalk your partner. He’s new at this and he’s a little shy. Show him what a woman with experience can do. Train him to do it just how you like.

Tip 20Jungle Girl: Find your wild side. Let your civilized man try to tame you being the wild beast.

Tip 21Wrestler: Lube yourself up and have a match. Try to subdue your partner into submission. Will he tap out or go for the win?

Tip 22Princess: You have been locked away in a tower your whole life guarded by the evil dragon and prince charming has come to rescue you. He slays the dragon and makes him way up to the tower. He is in your tower. It is only right that you repay him for saving you. Get on your knees and show him how grateful you are.

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Tip 23Go Go Dancer: Seduce him with your sexy moves. Tease him with the swaying of your body until he can’t take it anymore.

Role play sex - frisky fox tail anal plug

Frisky Fox Tail Anal plug at

Tip 24Frisky Fox: Bring out the animal in you! What does the fox say?!

Try anything once!

Don’t be afraid. You’ll never know what you will like. Not sure how to go about trying out a new fantasy? How to suggest it to your partner? Try writing down your fantasies on slips of paper. Have your partner do the same. Put them into a jar and draw out an idea. Talk about the suggestion and give yourself a few days to prepare. Maybe draw an idea on Monday so you have time to go shop and get supplies. Saturday night is the night! The excitement will drive both of you wild!

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