How to Have a Kickass Sex Toy Box

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If you want a kickass sex toy box you need a toy for every occasion and don’t forget about your partner! What do you need a kickass sex toy box for? Let me tell you…

Kick ass sex toy box trojan sensitivity bareskin condoms

Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Condoms

Tip 1Condoms and Lube: The main things every sex toy box needs are condoms and lube.

Condom Sampler Packs are a great way to try out a variety of condoms to see what you and your partner like. If you are dating it is a good idea to have the sampler packs that have different sizes so you can be prepared for any partner.

sex toy box

It is vital that you have different kinds of lubes. I like to have silicone lubes for waterproof toys in the shower because they stay longer than other lubes. Also, different toys require different lubes. Consult the toy information guide on the website to know which lube is compatible with that toy.

Anal lube is best for anal toys and anal play because it is thicker and more lubricating than vaginal lubes. Different anal lubes have different qualities. Some offer a numbing option and others offer extra thick lubrication.

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Tip 2Massage Oils and Candles: Set the mood with a sensual massage. Maybe some hot wax play!

Tip 3Supplements: These are great to have just in case you need them. They are good to have if you want to try something different and spice things up.

Anal fantasy beginner’s fantasy kit

Anal fantasy beginner’s fantasy kit

Tip 4How to Kits: How to Kits help you impress your partner and show them that you want to impress them. They also usually come with sample sizes so you can try out different products.

anal toys on your sex toy box

Tip 5Anal Toys: Anal play can be so much fun for both partners so make sure to have all different kinds of anal toys such as beads, plugs, prostate massagers, and trainer kits. Anal toys kits can also be a great way to try out and find what you like. Anal toys come in all different shapes and sizes so try something new! Don’t forget to use lube!

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vibrators on sex toys box

Tip 6Vibrators: Every toy box needs a good variety of vibrators. You can never go wrong with a Rabbit. There are G-Spot vibrators, clitoral vibrators, vaginal vibrators, bullet vibrators, realistic vibrators, and kits. Every toys box needs at least one of each. Don’t forget there are also waterproof vibrators for fun in all your aquatic adventures.

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Tip 7Strap-Ons and Dongs: Whether it is for girls on girls play or girl on guys play, a strap-on is a must. Strap-ons can also be great for double penetration. For the female couples or threesomes, strap-ons and dongs are essential for your toy box. There are many different options for strap-ons, so try a few different styles to see what you like. There are ones with straps and ones that are panties. Some have clips or ties. Find your style.

sex toy box bondage toys

Tip 8Bondage Toys: As a Beginner or Sexpert, you’d always want some bondage toys in your box. Bondage is always a way to take your sex to the next level. There are all kinds of restraints, blindfolds, ticklers, paddles, whips, kinky clothing, you name it and you should have it in your box.

I like this kit as a good starter for bondage toys. It comes with a feather tickler, blindfold, and restraints and it is compact enough to fit in a small box.

sex toys in a box

Tip 9Ben Wa Balls: Keep your Kegel muscles in shape for you and your partner. Stronger Kegel mussels will give you stronger orgasms and your partner will love those tight muscles grabbing their erection.

Tip 10Penis Rings: Penis rings can add to everyone’s pleaser. He will love it and she will love the bigger, stronger erection. Must have in your toy box. Try vibrating or special rings.

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Tip 11Games: Spice it up with some fun games. Sex dice, board games, card games – these are all fun ways to “play.”

sex toy box

Sexual Role Play

Tip 12Role Play Outfits: Everyone loves to role play so make sure to have a few outfits stowed away.

Tip 13Strokers: Strokers are great to add to foreplay. Your man will appreciate the option for something different. *Tip for the ladies. I found strokers a bit awkward to learn to use. They can be a bit slippery when lube is added. I let my man show me how he used it and that made it easier for me to use it.


Tip 14Box: Now that you have all these awesome toys, you need somewhere to put them all! I really like the under the bed storage boxes. They are fairly inexpensive but hold all of your stuff discretely under your bed. You can also buy a storage chest which is a little bit more expensive but looks very nice.

Bigger Items that are kickass but you might need a larger sex toy box…

Tip 15Sex Swings: Sex Swings add so much fun! They add tons of different positions to try.

Tip 16Position Pads/Wedges: Want the perfect angle so your partner can hit just the right spot? Position Pads/Wedges are the perfect way to go. There are a couple of different options. If you are limited on space, an inflatable is a way to go.

Tip 17Machines: Want to go solo or have a partner that likes to watch?

Tip 18Poles: I love my dance pole! I like to seduce my partner with my moves. (Also it is great for exercise.) This pole can be installed (by you, it’s really easy) and it goes up and comes down in minutes. *Please practice before you try the upside-down move in the picture!

Tip 19Wrestling Ring: This thing is just fun! If you want to just try something new and different, get one of these. Fill it up with lube (or mud) and have a blast.

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