How To Give Sex Toys As A Gift This Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You have done the chocolates, the roses and jewelry. The stuffed bears and heart shape trinkets, and now you are out of gift ideas for your sweetheart. Or perhaps you want to be able to give a gift that keeps on giving – Have you considered giving a sex toy or two to your lover? Why not? For many people purchasing sex toys is a scary concept, let alone purchasing a toy for the one you love.

Don’t fret, in this article I will be discussing the ins and outs of buying and giving sex toys as a Valentines gift.

Giving sex toys should obviously only be given to someone you are intimately involved with. Not someone you just started dating and certainly not someone you don’t know very well.
So to start the quest for the perfect Valentines sex toy gift…

Tip 1Gather some Intel. How well do you know your lover? What do they like/love in bed? If you are unsure just ask. Start a conversation with your lover about your sex life, (if you can’t talk about your sex life with your partner then a sex toy gift is probably not a very good idea). Maybe you have used sex toys in the past with your lover, did they like the toy? Did it give them an orgasm? Perhaps it is time to spice things up and try something different? Have a fantasy you want to explore with your lover? Adding sex toys to those fantasies can make for amazing sex sessions. Talk about what you do in between the sheets and what your fantasies are to decide what kind of sex toys might be a good idea to give.

how to give sex toys this valentines day

Now that you have gathered the necessary intel it is time to…

Tip2Do Some Research. Head over to a well-known adult resale site like Adam and Eve makes it really easy to navigate their site, and each toy is described in detail and customer reviews are available to help you make an informed decision regarding your Valentine’s Day sex toy gift. Adam and Eve have a HUGE selection of sex toys. From dildos and vibrators to nipple clamps and cock rings. They’ve got your Pocket pussies, g spot stimulators, anal beads and prostrate massagers, ben wa balls and butt plugs, even fuzzy handcuffs and sex furniture your will find it all.

Tip 3Don’t Forget the Batteries. Nothing screams “sexual frustration” more than giving/getting that awesome sex toy gift and not being able to use it. So make sure to find out in advance what types of batteries if any, your toy needs. And while you are at it, don’t forget the lube either. Adam and Eve have a special offer that you can use towards your purchase. Go to pick out your toy or toys, head to check out when you are satisfied with your choices and enter the offer code HOWTOSEX. This offer code will get you 50% OFF almost any single item, Fredd Shipping, 3 Free Bonus DVDs and a Free Mystery gift. Pretty awesome!

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You’ve gathered your Intel, done your research and made your purchase. Your sex toys will arrive discreetly from Adam & Eve in an unmarked box so no need to fret, your neighbors will have no idea there is a pocket pussy in your mailbox. But when you give the sex toy gift Be Discreet and of course Romantic. Nothing is worse than a poorly given gift on Valentine’s Day. Where and how you gift give especially a sex toy gift is crucial. DO NOT give the gift to your lover in front of anyone else. Doing so would be very tacky and uncomfortable for the receiver. DO NOT give the gift in a public place. You are taking your lover out for a fancy romantic dinner. It may seem like the right time to give your gift but it surely is not, wait until you are home and in a comfortable place, like your bedroom. DO wrap your gift. Spend some time making your gift look classy, whether it is a gift bag or wrapping paper make it look nice. DO get a nice card to go with your gift, and put some meaningful, heartfelt words in the card, you want to get your lover in the mood right?

So there you have it! With just a few short steps you will be well on your way to giving a sexy, sex toy gift for Valentine’s Day. And don’t forget to head on over to and use the offer code HOWTOSEX to receive 50% OFF almost any single item, Free Shipping, 3 Free DVDs, and a Free Mystery Gift.

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