How to Find the Best Lube

the best lube, best lube

When it comes to choosing the right lubricant for the right occasion, it can be a little overwhelming. The market really has exploded in the last ten years or so. There are water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes, oil-based lubes, lubes specifically for anal sex, flavored lubes, stimulating gels and all sorts of other wild and wacky options out there, each claiming to do magical and miraculous things for you and your lover. So let’s cut to the chase and break things down a little.

Here’s Six Quick Tips in Finding the best sex lube

Water-based Sex lubes one of the best lube in the market

Adam & Eve’s Water-based Sex Lubes

Tip 1Water-Based Lubes: Water-based lubricants tend to be the cheapest option. They are also the safest when it comes to using sex toys, condoms, diaphragms and the like. They are easy to clean up and they generally don’t contain any questionable chemicals. Be sure to select the petrochemical free, glycerin-free and paraben-free (if this sort of thing is bothersome to you) as these can be irritating substances, and in the case of glycerin, can cause yeast infections in some instances. The down side to water-based lube is that it tends to dry up a little quickly, due to evaporation, but a little saliva does help remedy this problem.

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Silicone-based Sex lubes

Adam & Eve’s Silicone-based Sex lubes

Tip 2Silicone-Based Lubes: Silicone-based lubes last significantly longer than water based lubes and tend to be a little more slick and slippery. This means you won’t have to reapply several times during intercourse. They can be used in the water (perfect for hot tubs, lakes, and swimming pools). They do, however, need a little soap and elbow grease to wash off and they can be more irritating for women. It’s also worth noting that silicone-based lubricants should not be used on silicone-based toys under any circumstances. It causes a strange reaction, whereby the silicone lube melts into the silicone of the toy. Don’t try this at home.

Oil-based Sex lubes

Adam & Eve’s Oil-based Sex lubes

Tip 3Oil-Based Lubricants: Oil-based lubricants are probably the least popular of all the lubes due to their messy nature. They are also not good to use on condoms as they break down the latex and can cause it to disintegrate. Some people use Vaseline, some people use Coconut oil or Vitamin E oil (be sure to check with your partner as Vitamin E oil can cause allergic reactions). Oil-based lubes are generally natural and chemical free and therefore, tend to be popular among those who have reactions to certain chemicals. However, it’s good to keep in mind that oil-based lubes are harder to clean and can harbor harmful bacteria a lot easier than silicone or water-based lubes.

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Arousal-based Sex lubes

Adam & Eve’s Arousal-based Sex lubes

Tip 4Arousal Lubes: Arousal lubricants are great for stimulating (or de-stimulating) the areas that they are applied too. There are a variety of different sensations that can be achieved. There are lubricants that provide a desensitizing or “numbing” effect, like Delay Sprays, (which can work wonders for those who have issues with premature ejaculation) and then there are the “warming” gels and oils (which tend to be water-based) that create a more pleasurable experience for all involved. Men tend to go for the desensitizing products while women will often go for the sensitizing products. Go figure! There are a lot of products that claim to do a lot of things and it’s best to take them with a grain of salt.
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Flavored Sex lubes

Adam & Eve’s Flavored Sex lubes

Tip 5Flavored Lubes: The flavored lube world is all the rage at the moment and has really become a market unto itself. They’re even making organic flavors now! They are a lot of fun and can genuinely make the oral experience a whole lot more enjoyable. If you’re a sweet tooth, you’re in luck. There are almost an infinite number of sugary tasting lubes on the market. From strawberry, chocolate, Pina colada, peppermint tingle, apple, and cinnamon, you name it, there’s a flavor for you.

Anal Sex lubes

Adam & Eve’s Anal Sex lubes

Tip 6Anal Lubes: If you’re going to have anal sex, then you need to have plenty of lubricant on hand. Sometimes the regular water-based lube just won’t cut it. The Anus is not a self-lubricating orifice, so special measures need to be taken when preparing for penetration.

Anal lubricants are specifically designed to be extra thick and extra slippery for ease of entrance. Silicone-based lubes tend to be better for the occasion as they last a lot longer.

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