How to Find Quality Sex Toys and Buy Them Online


You’re a Virgin, I get it. So let’s pop that cherry! Of course, I am talking about finding and ordering sex toys online! The big questions about ordering those delectable, incredible, orgasms producing sex toys are – Where to buy them, and how to buy them.

There are many sites out there that sell sex toys and sex-related products. Many of these sites look and seem legit. However, that is just not the case. The only site that can guarantee quality not only in product but in customer service and customer satisfaction – Adam and Eve.

Why trust Adam and Eve? Several reasons!

As the largest provider of adult products for both men and women in the US, Adam & Eve is your smart choice. You can expect that we have taken every measure to provide you with the best in the selection, quality, price, service, and information – giving you more time to ENJOY your purchase.

We are dedicated to bringing you an unrivaled selection of sex toys and adult videos at competitive prices. Every product we offer is backed by decades of experience, superior customer service, risk-free shopping, and a passion for helping our customers explore sex in a positive way. Just ask any of our over 10 million satisfied customers why they keep coming back for more. Source: Why Shop with Adam & Eve?

If all of that is just not great enough there is more…

Adam and Eve donate over 20% of their profits to several charitable organizations! Yep, their part of the good guys! You can enjoy your Adam and Eve sex toys knowing you contributed to the good of society!

So… now you know “the who”, Adam and Eve – and the “the how”, visit their website at – to find them – And of course, last but definitely not least – How to find that perfect sex toy(s)!

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Adam & Eve Adult Store Shop

Adam & Eve Adult Store

Step 1Go to We, of course, recommend that you visit this site in privacy because of the websites adults content.

Find amazing sex toys online at Adam & Eve

Search for amazing sex toys of your choice.

Step 2Check for some amazing sex toys. Once you are on the Home page of, you will notice that you have the opportunity to browse thousands of amazing sex toys, or do a search for a specific toy or category of toys. Enjoy looking and reading about Adam and Eve’s incredible sex toy collection. You will be guaranteed to find something that will knock your knee highs off Or, pretty much know what you’re looking for? Just need a bit of help narrowing things down? No worries search away!

Pick Sex Toys from the search results

Select sex toys from the search results.

Step 3Choose. Pick out the toy you would like to try and purchase.

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Try to have some add-on from your chosen sex toys

Why not have an add-on? You might want to add some…

Step 4Add-on. Choose any products you would like to add on, like toy cleaner and lubrication. Both a must have in your toy collection. After you are satisfied with your choices, click on the “add to cart” button.

Proceed to checkout

Here’s the thing, proceed to checkout!

Step 5Checkout. At this point you can browse and shop for more toys, or proceed to checkout. Ready to check out? Next to the shopping cart picture click on “check out”.

Review Cart and enter offer code HOWTOSEX

Most importantly, enter offer code HOWTOSEX and get exciting discount!

Step 6Review Cart. Review what is in your shopping cart and make sure everything is correct. Then scroll down to the box that says Offer Code. An offer code is a word and or number that you have been given to receive a special discount and offer with your Adam and Eve purchase. In this case, you can use the code HOWTOSEX. Our sponsor would like to give you this offer because of the time you took to read this article and other articles and videos like it on our website This offer code will give you 50% off almost any single item, free shipping, 3 free bonus DVD’s and a FREE mystery gift! Enter your offer code into the box to see what you get!

Select payment then proceed to checkout

Select payment then proceed to checkout

Step 7Proceed Checkout. Once you are happy with your purchase, it is time to check out and have all of those new fun toys shipped discreetly right to your door! Click on Secure Checkout to enter your shipping and credit card information, or click to purchase with Amazon or Paypal if you have already established one of those accounts.

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You may select as guest or try different option

Select as guest or sign-in.

Key in required field upon checkout

Fill in required fields and you’re good to go.

Step 8Select Payment. If you are not paying with Amazon or Paypal, continue on through the site entering your shipping and payment information.

Step 9ENJOY! Your sex toys will be shipped to you in a plain discreet box. No one will know the secrets that lie anxiously waiting for you to use them! If at any step along the way you have questions, Adam and Eve has a great online support staff ready to assist you in real time and immediately. No get out there and order those sex toys, and don’t forget to use the offer code HOWTOSEX at check out!!

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