How to Clean Your Sex Toys

clean your sex toys

Many people wonder how to clean their sex toys. Some people get so frustrated that they don’t even think about it and eventually the sex toys become useless. The truth of the matter is that cleaning your sex toys will not only keep your sex toys sanitized, it will also make your sex toys last longer. When it comes down to it, some sex toys may require different cleaning methods.

Here is your guide to cleaning your sex toys.

Materials You Will Need…

  • Warm water
  • All purpose cleaner
  • A bowl
  • Clean rags
  • Q-tips

Step 1Find a Clean Area To Work In: When it comes down to it, finding a clean area to work in is important, because you want to be sure that your sex toys don’t pick up any more germs during the cleaning process. If you are working near your sink, you want to be sure to disinfect the counter and then lay out a towel.

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clean your sex toys

Layout your sex toys before cleaning them out.

Step 2Lay Out Your Sex Toys: Once you have your area prepared, you want to lay out all of your toys. You can simply line them up next to each other for efficiency. When you are cleaning your sex toys, you’d want to be sure that your hands are clean – the key is the make sure you don’t infect your toys with more germs.
Note: Line up your toys according to whether they are waterproof or have a motor. Some motorized toys can’t be submerged in water. Other toys can be submerged. Separating the two will help you keep things separate.

Step 3Boil Some Water and Add Soap: You can use a simple stovetop kettle or an electric kettle to boil some water. You want to be sure to fill up a decent sized bowl. You will be submerging some toys, so you want to have a bowl big enough to fit your toys. Before you add the water, you may want to add the soap, because it will help you build some suds.
Note: Use spatula to work up a good lather – you will need it when it comes to fully disinfecting some toys.

cleaning sex toys

Various products for cleaning sex toys

Step 4Use A Clean Rag to Remove Detritus and Debris: After you have a good lather worked up, you can then dip the rag in the soap/water mixture. With that rag, you’d want to get deep inside the nooks and crannies of your toys. Some toys have crevices that you will want to get inside of. For the small crevices, this is where the q-tips come in handy.

Step 5Soak Some Toys To Kill Germs: Some toys may need to be soaked. However, before you soak certain toys, you want be sure that you know for sure that the toy is waterproof. You could destroy an expensive and favorite sex toy if you accidently soak it in water when it should not have been soaked. Other toys, like glass toys, can be soaked for however long you want.
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Step 6Use A Clean Dry Rag To Dry Your Toys: Once you are done cleaning your sex toys, you can line them up on your towel once more. Ideally, you want to dry them off right away, because if they dry out over time, they may become flakey and not usable. With your clean towel, you’d want to make sure that your sex toys are not dripping wet.

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cleaning your sex toys

Placing your toys in a case or a silk bag after you clean them to keep them safe.

Step 7Place Your Toys In A Case Or a Silk Bag: Once you are done cleaning and drying off your sex toys, be sure to put them back in the case – if the case is clean. You can also place your sex toys in a silk bag. This will help keep them clean and in the best operating condition. The last thing you’d want is to have your sex toys loose and rolling around your junk drawer.

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