How to Choose What Sex Toy to Buy for the First Time

How to Choose What Sex Toy to Buy for the First Time

So you have decided to venture into the adult toy world for the first time. This can be a very exciting experience. But also a bit scary when you don’t know much about sex toys. So today I am here to help you find the best toy for your needs in your first adult purchase. If you have purchased a toy in the past, but want to try a new sensational toy adventure, you will be able to get information here to make the best purchase for your needs.

There are a few steps in helping choose the sex toy that’s right for you. The first thing that you want to ask yourself is, “What are my needs?” Is this toy for your personal use? Or is it for you and a partner? Do you want something that’s strictly for solo masturbation or a toy that you can potentially use with someone else? Large household? Kids? Maybe you are looking for something discreet. Do you already know how to pleasure yourself into orgasm? Or are you new at discovering yourself? What is visually appealing to you? Would you like your toy to be realistic looking, colorful and playful, or a sleek design? And of course, being comfortable with the size, shape, and price of your purchase.

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An important aspect of choosing an adult sex toy is the material the toy is made from.

  • Condoms: It is suggested to use condoms with some toys because of porosity and the lack of regulations some countries have on what sex toys can be made from. A very common material is Rubber. It is a non porous material that is firm and sturdy. It can be used for most traditional dildos or vibrators and give a realistic feel.
  • Jelly: Jelly is similar to Rubber, with a squishy feel. It is more realistic than rubber, but also more porous. So it has to be cleaned often.
  • Silicone: Silicone is a great material for sex toys. It is non porous, sturdy, and easily cleaned with boiling water and dishwasher safe for non electrical toys. Although there are electric toys that are waterproof, I don’t suggest testing them out with the powerful jets of a dishwasher.
  • Cyberskin: Cyberskin and similar products provide the most realistic feel. This type of material is mostly use for men’s sex toys. It has an extremely soft and squishy feel for comfort, but is extremely porous and tears easily. It must be cleaned with a special powder cleaning agent, unlike other toys.
  • Glass and Metal: Glass and Metal are two other great options for sex toy material. Glass is non porous and easily cleaned like Silicone. You can find many beautiful pieces made with various colors. But never choose a Glass toy made with paint on the outside, because some of these products are made in other countries where lead paint is still used. Instead, choose a blown glass piece. Be sure to check for cracks and chips every time before use. Metal is similar to Glass in porosity and being easily cleaned, but is a bit heavier than other sex toys. It’s also a great material to play with your senses as it can be warmed up or chilled with water.

Now that you know a little about your choice of material, let’s get into the sex toys!

Choose Bullet and Egg Vibrators when buying sex toys for the first time

Choose Bullet and Egg Vibrators at

Tip 1Bullet: If you’re feeling a little nervous still about your first toy, a great option is a Bullet. These are commonly egg or cylinder shaped vibrating toys about the size of your finger or smaller. These come as battery operated, at a low end price of $5-$10, or rechargeable, going up to around $60-$80. Bullets are clitoral stimulators that turn on and off on the Bullet itself, or can come with a remote. Which is also great for couples play.

Choose Vibrating Panties on how to buy sex toys for the first time

Vibrating Panties are great for couples trying sex toys

Tip 2Vibrating Panties: If you’ve ever thought about buying a pair of vibrating panties, a Bullet is what would come with it. Vibrating panties are a great first time couples toy, for people new to trying sex toys or who want to spice up their sex life. They range from about $20-$40.

Choose Wand on how to buy sex toys for the first time

Choose wands if you want clitoral stimulation

Tip 3Wands: Wands are another clitoral stimulator, disguised as a neck massager. Wands can come battery operated, plug ins, or rechargeable. They are more expensive than the tiny Bullets, being in the range of $30-$80, and some even costing around $150. But all of these are great, discreet products.

Dildos on how to choose sex toy

Dildos are great if you are looking for good penetration

Tip 4Dildos: If you are looking for a penetration toy, there are plenty of those to go around. Dildos are your non vibrating option. You can choose between realistic or phallic. Which also includes Double ended Dildos, Strap-ons, and Suction Dildos that can be suctioned onto non porous surfaces. Pricing can start as low as $15 and go all the way to $130. But you will mostly see them go up to around $60.

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Choose vibrators when buying sex toy for the first time

Vibrator is a wonderful option for someone looking for solo and/or partner play.

Tip 5Vibrators: Vibrators are the most common adult toy for women. They have the same qualities as Dildos with size, shape, material, and similar pricing. They both include G-spot toys, that will be curved, to give you a great vaginal orgasm. A very popular type of vibrator is the “Rabbit”. It goes by many other names depending on brand and company. These vibrating dildos will have a phallic dildo to insert, and a clitoral stimulator, both commonly connected to a control panel. Some of these will have a remote so your partner can choose the speed, strength, and vibration pattern. This is another wonderful option for someone looking for solo and/or partner play.

how to choose glass and metal toys

Choose glass and metal toys when buying sex toys for the first time

Tip 6Glass and Metal toys: Glass and Metal toys rarely vibrate and come as Dildos, Anal Plugs, G-spot, or Prostate toys. Glass is usually a clear toy with a colorful design on the inside made with bumps and ridges for your pleasure, priced between $20 and $60.

Metal toys have a very sleek and flawless design to them that can give you a very different sensation with its warm and cold properties you can utilize. Their starting point can be $50 and goes to around $100. Both Glass and Metal are included as discreet toys because of their design.

Choose anal beads and anal plugs

Looking for some anal? Anal beads and anal plugs are a good choice

Tip 7Anal Beads and Anal Plugs: If you are looking for your first time anal toy, then Anal Beads and Anal Plugs are great choices. Both of these vary in size to get you comfortable and used to the feeling. Anal Beads and Plugs start off small and gradually become larger for safe anal play. $10-$30 is all you will have to spend on Anal Beads. Or you can opt for the vibrating option for $30-$60. Plugs, which are cone shaped, also have the same price range and Beads.

Don’t think I forgot about you, men.

Choose Fleshlight original pink lady sex toy

Fleshlight Original Pink Lady

Tip 8Pocket Masturbators: Pocket masturbators, Fleshlights are realistic looking vaginas for men to masturbate with. Pocket masturbators are about $20-$50, where Fleshlights are around $80 but come with interchangeable sockets for multiple sensations.

Some Porn Stars also have realistic versions of themselves for men to have intercourse with. These toys cost around $100-$170.

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With so many options out there, buying your first sex toy can be a confusing thing. Don’t be scared to research or ask a friend their opinion on sex toys. But only you can decide what type of toy fits your needs. Remember to ask yourself what type of toy fits those needs best, what material will be most pleasurable for you, and a price range you are comfortable with.

Have you already decided what sex toy to buy?

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