Dr. Kat Van Kirk on How to Start Using Sex Toys in a Relationship


Hi, I’m Dr. Kat Van Kirk, guest contributor for Sex-Toys.how, and today, it’s time for my segment Ask Dr. Kat.

Our question for today comes from a fan and they want to know… How to Start Using Sex Toys in a Relationship.

So it’s really interesting some people think it’s their own private little secret, right? They’ve got their sex toy and they keep it in their drawer and they’re not gonna introduced it to their partner. Maybe they’re afraid that their partners gonna be offended by it. Like they’re gonna be replaced or something.

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When in actuality I really encourage women, in particular, to get empowered about sex toys; because it’s going to help improve communication with your partner, give you another option for stimulation, and helps you be responsible for your own orgasm.

So, I suggest if you can do below tips, you can start using sex toys with your partner.

Tip 1 Have an open dialogue with your partner.

using sex toys

Tip 2 Get online, go shopping together and find something that appeal to both of you.

Tip 3 If you know your partner really well, surprise him or her.

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If you think it’ll be really fun and interesting and spontaneous, not every partner gonna be up for that. So you know your partner best and by all means. Figure out what stimulation works well for you and really give your partner the opportunity to get educated about them. Show him/her how to use it on you. There’s a plethora of different types of toys that you can both experienced together.

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