Dr. Kat Van Kirk on How Do You Cope After Learning He Is Cheating on You


Hello everyone! Dr. Kat Van Kirk here, guest contributor at Sex-Toys.how. It’s time for my segment Ask Dr. Kat and the question today from a fan is…

How Do You Cope After Learning He Is Cheating On You?

When you’re cheated, it’s really difficult to bounce back and trust wise. But cheating happens to almost all of us and we all seem to go through that experience to figure out what we want in a relationship and what we don’t want. When indeed you have discovered he is cheating on you, maybe you called his attention about it and the relationship would have ended because of it, moving on a new relationship might be more difficult coz’ you might have trust issues and you might become way more sensitive or more jealous about things that you really you don’t have to be paranoid about.

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Ultimately, one thing I always work with clients troubled with cheating issues is that I am helping them go through with it smoothly up to the point where they can say or do anything . It is when their cheating partners are not around; they can totally do something else, involving active trust knowing that the relationship is never a 100% guarantee.

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To those who have had experienced cheating, the best way to choose your partner and to overcome cheating anxiety is….

Tip 1 Find the people with the same values.

Tip 2 Establish an open and honest communication with that next person on matters like cheating.

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Tip 3 Discuss stuff and get some advices or ideas often, coz’ you will be attracted with other people occasionally.

Tip 4 When you’re in a new relationship after a cheating break up, talk about the relationship, figure out boundaries, and what is reasonable for the two of you.

It is very important that you’ll feel that you have enough trust to have a healthy happy relationship coz’ it’s what you deserve.

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