Ask Dr. Kat – Where’s The G-Spot? Is It Fact or Fiction?


Hi Dr. Kat Van Kirk here, guest contributor at and today, it’s time for my segment Ask Dr. Kat. Today we have a question from a fan and they want to know if the G-SPOT is a fact or fiction.

My answer is YES, the g-spot does exist! And for those of you that is familiar with it, below is how to spot the g-spot and how to get the ultimate g-spot stimulation and orgasm.

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Where’s the g-spot? The g-spot is about two inches inside the vagina, on the upper wall. Hence, if you put your finger inside like a hook facing upwards, you will come in contact with this tissue like nub or membrane. When you stimulate it, some women get different quality of orgasms. Sometimes the orgasm is so intense and sometimes you get multiple.

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How to get the best g-spot stimulation? There are actually toys that can target g-spot and it is really way better using those g-spot sex toys (instead of actually using your finger) coz’ they are designed to effectively and efficiently hit your g-spot. Plus, there are toys that will not only stimulate your g-spot, but also your clit, not mentioning those toys that vibrates and are equipped with nubs on the shaft adding more sensations and pleasure.

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Some people as well love to use different lotions or gels that make the g-spot more sensitive. There are g-spot creams, oils and sensitizer giving you a blasting g-spot orgasm. But just to be sure, make a skin test to guarantee that they work well with your body.

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