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Hi I’m Dr. Kat Van Kirk! I’m a guest contributor for and it’s time for my segment Ask Dr. Kat!

Today’s question comes from a fan and they were asking “How to Say No to Sex?”

It may sound like it’s just easy to say no to sex; however, sometimes it gets way more complicated, especially for women. Whether it’s a long term partner or someone that you’re just casually seeing, lots of women haven’t really learned to become empowered to say no to sex if they don’t feel doing it. It can be for any reason like they have their period, too tired due to work or just simply not in the mood to do it.

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Indeed, sex can often relieve stress; but there are days that you’re truly not into having sex and you’re concerned on how to say it to someone.

Below are just some ways to say no to sex and not to have sex at all…

Tip 1 Practice saying no. If you’re a people pleaser and you just can’t say no – Practice it. When a partner gives you a motive, just simply say no.

Tip 2 Make sure you mean it when you say “no” to sex Some people can say no to sex, but continuously play. Make sure to be really clear to your partner.

Theres a lot more about your sex toys

Tip 3 Instead of saying no, tell him what you feel like doing. You may say “I’m really okay with oral sex tonight; but I don’t feel like anything else” or “can we just make out tonight and cuddle coz’ that what I’m really feeling like”.

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Your voice is worthy enough to be heard, so just simply say no to sex.

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