Ask Dr. Kat on How Do You Prevent Your Partner from Cheating on You


Hi I’m Dr. Kat Van Kirk and I’m a guest contributor here at It’s time for our awesome segment, Ask Dr. Kat.

Today a question from a fan is…How do you prevent your partner from cheating on you?

If I have a direct answer for that I would be a millionaire. But then, for your relief, below are some facts for you to ponder before you can actually say that your partner is cheating on you.

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Fact 1 It’s really not about stopping your partner from cheating on you, but asking why would your partner cheat on you. Am I not prettier enough for him? Does he have more money than me? Does she give what he wants always?

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Fact 2 When it comes down to it, it’s not about you…but it’s your partner. You can certainly have insecurities like being paranoid, jealous, pushing your partner away and not trusting them – this can’t prove that he or she is indeed cheating.

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Fact 3 It actually comes down in choosing the right partner for you. Ultimately, you need to trust your partner no matter what. You may feel like they can tell you something but will do things the other way. However, at a certain point, you still got to learn to trust yourself that you’ve made the right choice with the person that you’re with and you’re gonna allow them to live their life with you without imposing yourself on them, trying to control whether they cheat on you or not. It’s just a lot of wasted energy and time to have to put yourself on that space all the time.

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