Ask Dr. Kat: Is It Okay If I’ll Be Using Sex Toys While Pregnant?


Hi, I’m Dr. Kat Van Kirk guest contributor for and I’m here today to answer a question from one of our fans and the question has to do with…

Is it okay to use sex toys while pregnant?…

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The short answer to that is YES! Unless of course your doctor told you not to have penetrative sex; hence, you shouldn’t be putting anything in your vagina so to prevent some sort of medical issue like placenta previa or some other issues with that whatever your doctor says goes when it comes to penetration.

using sex toys while pregnant

Now, some doctor will also tell you that maybe you shouldn’t have orgasms if your high risk at miscarriage; so, make sure you ask about that too. But, otherwise, you should be totally fine having all the penetrative sex, having orgasms and using sex toys while pregnant. In fact, it’s a really positive aspect to your sexuality and improving your pregnancy using it as a stress reliever. Releasing all those fabulous hormones in your body that help you feel better and orgasms can actually help strengthen your pelvic muscles; so that, if you’re going to be pushing during birth, it will actually help.

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