How to talk to your partner about sex?

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Lisa95 asked 3 years ago

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Christina answered 3 years ago
  • Talking to your partner about sex isn’t that complicated as we think of. If you follow the format T.A.L.K., which stands for TIMING, APPEAL, LISTEN, KEEP COMMUNICATION OPEN.  
    Timing is everything, pick the right time by examining yourself if you’re comfortable enough talking about it.  Appeal is more like what do you like, what is your flavor? What are some things that you want to try out? This would be the appropriate time to, be open. Listen, the problem with most people in the world is that they aren’t focused on what is happening People, listen to respond. They, do not listen to hear what you are telling them. Which, is unfortunate. So be mindful of that.  Keep communication open, ALWAYS! If you already gotten this far. You have shared so many things, with your partner, that you are moving forward with. And who knows how long it took you two to get to this part. Communication should never die, it should only increase. With communication, you can have everything that you want. And nothing that you do not want in your relationship. If something new comes up that you want to try, talk about it.

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