How to start a sex toy box?

Sex Toy Hacks and Facts Q&ACategory: QuestionsHow to start a sex toy box?
bettygay asked 3 years ago

I need a variety of toys to be used on various occasion.

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Christina answered 3 years ago

The idea of having a sex toy box is grabbing everything you need for sex when the occasion arise and the very first things that you should have on your sex toy box is some lube and condoms since they’re the most important components of your sex toy box.  Along with it is massage oils, candles, howto kits like the Anal Fantasy Beginner’s Fantasy Kit, anal toys, vibrators, strap-ons and dongs, bondage toys, benwa balls, penis rings and some sex games like sexual role play cards, strokers, position pads/wedges and sex swings. This are all the things needed to have a complete sex toy box, which covers something for him, for her and for the both of you.    

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