How to save money buying sex toys?

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carol asked 3 years ago

There’s so many good vibrators out there and I’d like to get some help on how to save money buying sex toys.

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Andy answered 3 years ago

Okay here’s how you can save money on sex toys.  First is to use Coupon Code when purchasing your toys.  If you type in Coupon Code HOWTO50 at checkout at you will get 50% OFF, FREE Shipping, FREE 3 Hot DVDs and a Maystery Gift, now that’s a lot of savings!  
Next, is if you’re using a batter operated vibrator, always remove one battery to prevent your batteries from draining. You can also buy sex toys that are plugged at outlets at home like the Magic Wand plus you can also buy attachments for it that can save you money form buying other toys.  And lastly, buy a rechargeable vibrator!  With this you don’t have to worry about buying batteries at all. 
Here’s a good list of rechargeable vibrators:  Evolved Wild Orchid Vibrator, The Swan Wand Dual Ended Luxury Vibrator, Adam & Eve L’arque G-Spot Massager

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