How to Prepare for Anal Sex [Video]


Hi, I’m Destiny and I want to tell you how to prepare for anal sex in this video.

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prepare for anal sex

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Tip 1Use Lubes: The first thing that you need in preparing for anal sex is lube. I like Astroglide personally but there is also Anal Ease which is great as well because it has mint sensation in it. Anal Ease serves a little bit more for the beginners and Astroglide definitely more quiet on those with a little bit more experienced.

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Tip 2Use Condoms: Other things that come in handy, the thing they called little condoms and they are really great in starting the process. It is great in exploring anal pleasure coz’ your fingers is small and anal sex is best to start out in smaller sizes before you move your way up.

Tip 3Anal Beads: Anal beads is also the best to prepare yourself on anal sex. Once you have mastered the anal beads, I highly recommend you try the A&E Anal Trainer Kit. This kit is great as it has three different sizes, you can use it anywhere even in the shower, a great way to start exploring anal pleasure.

Tip 4Lay on Your Side: Now, I really want to tell you this. One best thing in preparing yourself for anal sex is to initially lay on your side, that way you can kind of back on to him and you kind of control the depth and speed that you are most comfortable with; because, that’s the absolute key, that way you won’t hurt yourself.

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  • Lucy

    I never thought I’d enjoy anal, as my first go round on it was painful, with the guy who did it. I now enjoy it tremendously with my fiance, and he’s quite a bit larger than the previous guy. And I, myself, prefer being on TOP as we’re doing it, though once in a while, I’ll let him be in control. 🙂 The key is plenty of lube! Just take it slow and you’ll find enjoyment in it.

  • Ella

    Everybody recommends lots and lots of lube for anal sex and they couldn’t be more right. This isn’t something that depends on his size, you should use plenty to make it more enjoyable and to prevent injuries as well. Ignore what you see in porn movies, you definitely don’t jump right on it and you also need some foreplay to loosen it up, either with your fingers or the classic butt plugs. I like it more after I had a wine glass or two, I’m more relaxed and don’t over think it too much 🙂

  • Becky

    I never knew these anal trainer kits existed.
    My cheeky boyfriend has been begging for anal for too long now, so am gonna secretly buy that anal trainer and give him a brand new hole to play with on his birthday this year 😉

  • Domenic Stelle

    Anal sex can be incredibly hot. Very helpful. I needed a vid like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jenny

    Very great advice. Anal sex is not something to just jump into. If you don’t prepare properly, it could be unhealthy and unsafe. Take these precautions to make sure it’s pleasurable, fun, and safe!

  • Anal sex gives intense pleasure and fun if done properly. Thanks to this article, it’s very helpful. For everyone preparing their first anal sex, this probably yours 🙂