How to Perform the Perfect Striptease


The art of striptease is a fine art form indeed. When done right, it can make fantasies become incredible realities. When executed poorly, it can be a jiggling, poly-rhythmic embarrassment. Everybody has their own theories on what makes a striptease great, and everybody is entitled to their own taste.

how to perform the perfect striptease

Beautiful woman lying in bed preparing to perform striptease

Here are a few surefire ways on how to perform the perfect striptease, to get that special someone to desire you more than they’ve ever desired you before. Be careful, though, because with great power, comes great responsibility…

Dress for success in how to perform the perfect striptease

Adam & Eve’s Naughty Nurse

Step 1Dress for success: You could argue that “what-you-wear” is the least important aspect of the striptease. It’s all going to end up on the floor anyway, right? But the outfit really does make the woman (or the man, for that matter) and sets the tone of the whole stripping experience. You have to know your audience, but you also have to feel sexy to be sexy. If he is a uniform kind of guy, then you better be wearing the skimpiest, dirtiest little nurse outfit there is. If he is more of a lingerie kind of guy, then you better make sure you’re wearing something that really tickles his fancy as well as yours. It’s important to “pull-off” the outfit (in more ways than one), so make sure you’ve wiggled your way out of that little number a few times, so there’s no fidgeting and fiddling mid-performance.
Note: Make sure you have a few layers to take off. Now I’m not talking scarves and sweaters here, but at a least a few items to draw out the tease.

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Perform the Perfect Striptease

Step 2Mirror-Mirror: Practice makes perfect, and you can’t be expected to get your routine down if you can’t see what the heck it is you’re doing. Be sure to practice in front of a mirror, because what you think your body is doing can be a far cry from the reality of what your body is actually doing. Iron out all the little creases from your performance. Keep it short, but not too short.

perfect striptease

Step 3Set The Stage: Dim the lights, light the aromatic candles or incense and select the music wisely. Pick a song that has a steady groove. Not too fast and not too slow that he’ll fall asleep. Setting the tone for the tease is as important as the tease itself. If he’s distracted by the TV on in the background then, you won’t have his full attention. Have a chair set up in the middle of the room, so you approach him from any angle you choose. Props also come in handy. Ties, handcuffs, and hot wax add an element of danger and wild energy to the experience.
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Step 4Use your hands, use your hair: It’s always best to use your fingertips rather than the whole palm. Be gentle with your body, if that’s the way you wish to be treated by him, but be a little rough if that’s what turns you on. Tug at the edges of your clothes, hinting at what’s underneath. Your long locks are one of your strongest feminine attributes, so be sure to use them to wrap around his and your body. The smell of your hair carries pheromones that drive men wild.

Step 5Use your Naked Eyes: Your eyes will be doing 90 percent of the communicating when performing the perfect striptease. Eye contact conveys confidence, and that is the key to a great strip tease. Give him as much eye contact as possible, but be sure to deny him of that eye contact from time to time too (you don’t want to trip over and end up on the floor!). Remember to admire your own body in the process. Watch your fingers caressing your legs and undressing yourself. If you desire yourself, others will desire you as well.


Taking the time to begin striptease

Step 6Take your Time: Never, under any circumstances, rush a striptease. Be patient and take your time. He’ll want to remember this moment for the rest of his life. So allow him to take a few mental snapshots along the way so he can store them for a rainy day. Music can really set the pace of the performance, so be sure to choose the right song for the occasion.

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  • Lucy

    All I can say for this is……ladies, do it! It’s never too late to surprise him with a striptease. He’ll be intrigued…..and very, very appreciative! 🙂 I usually go for the typical school girl look or the naughty nurse… can not go wrong with those! 🙂

  • Angie

    I always plan to surprise him with a sexy striptease number but I end up cancelling it and just dressing up sexy. I’m so afraid I’ll make a fool of myself that I never get around to do it; I know he’ll like it regardless and perhaps I’m not that bad as I think but darn it, it feels super awkward. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the prudish type by any means but still… How do you get past this annoying shyness?

  • SarahJane

    Awesome, I know this would make my man very happy if I learned how to do this. Think’ll i’ll do a sexy nurse strip first, thanks for posting this. I will get back to you with my results ; )

  • steve

    Adam and Eve has a “Pull Tab Thong” that takes 50% off and Free Ship. I’m going to start to work more on my abs!

  • Alyse Estrada

    This is absolutely sexy and amazing I seriously wanna do it one day 😉

  • Jenna May

    I must say that eye contact is the best part of the striptease and it gave you the confidence and increase joy. I think I should surprise my man by the perfect hot striptease. I am going to find a nice dress on Adam and Eve website. These tips will surely help me to prepare my tease in front of a mirror. Thank you.

  • Jenny

    I love this article! There’s definitely an art to doing a strip tease. Instead of spending a lot of money on pole dancing lessons, just read this article!

  • Shayne

    wow.. based on personal experience, a strip tease really made me and my partner have an amazing night. Really, it just made me and him so aroused. Gotta do one again. Thanks for this awesome article.

  • Pearl Johnsons

    Amazing! Strip tease can turn your partner on and encourage him to make love with you.