Ask Dr. Kat: How Do You Organize a Sex Toy Party


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Today a question from a fan is… How do you organize a sex toy party?

Obviously, sex toy parties have become very popular. There are lots of different parties out there, like a pool party where you can bring sex toys in or get hooked up by a reputable friends or company who does that.

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Organizing a sex toy party is easy and fun. See some of my recommendations below:

Tip 1 Target your invite list. You want to reach out those people who are comfortable talking about sex and sex toys.

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Tip 2 Set your goals.Besides pleasure and fun, you might want to encourage people to get more educated about sex and sex toys, as well as make them share some of their tips and tricks.

Learn how to do a lot things with your sex toys

Tip 3 Keep the party under 15 or less attendees. This way you can kind of create the right amount energy in your sex toy party.

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Tip 4 You can go online shopping together.. Talk about sex toys, share experiences, what works for them or what doesn’t. You may compare reviews online and even shop for your favourite toys all at the same time. Well, if you do have this crazy idea, I highly recommend checking out various toys at and at checkout, you can use the special code HOWTO50 and instantly get 50% OFF on almost any single item plus Free Shipping, 3 Free Hot DVDs, and a Mystery Gift. This offer won’t last forever! So, go ahead. Organize your sex toy party, invite some friends, have fun, and use this awesome special code HOWTO50 at checkout at

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